Things You May Think You Know About Tattoo Removal…..But are Wrong

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Tattoo removal isn’t a super new concept but with the changing technology there are a lot of misconceptions about the process. There are a lot of incorrect facts and misconceptions about laser tattoo removal and this article will help clear some of the most common ones up.

The Level of Effectiveness Varies
This is true because of the varieties of skin types, ink density, ink colors, tattoo location and the aftercare for the tattoo. Healthier skin also changes the effectiveness of the laser removal. There are other facts that may affect your tattoo removal. Many people think because of the type of tattoo they have it cannot be removed effectively but only a technician can really determine if the process will be effective for you.

2.All Tattoo Removal Lasers are created equal

This is absolutely false. The laser being used is really essential to how the process will work. The right laser for your tattoo is what will ensure your treatment is effective. If the laser has the wrong wavelength the effectiveness will drop exponentially. Eagle Laser Center has top of the line equipment and technicians that are specially trained in tattoo removal to ensure your treatment will be effective.

Newer Ink is Easier to Remove
Another big misconception, tattoos need to heal before they can be removed. Tattoos less than 8 weeks old should not be removed. Also newer tattoos can be difficult to remove and can increase the risks of damaging your skin.

Laser Removal has Immediate Results
The tattoo removal process spreads over a few months and the process will be gradual. It takes between six and eight weeks for the skin to break down the ink after each treatment. This means the tattoo may not look any different immediately following a treatment but over time it will fade and change.

My Skin will Bleed and Hurt
Minimal bleeding is considered normal during the process but after treatment bleeding is not. The bleeding that does occur is commonly under the skin and then a dressing is applied so you will likely never see any bleeding. Extreme pain is also not normal and with the new laser technologies you may experience very mild pain with no extreme pain at all.

6. Scarring is common
Tattoo removal can cause scarring but if you take the right precautions you wont experience any scarring. Aftercare is a super important part of the removal process. Also the original tattoo process may have caused some scarring and you may confuse this scarring with the removal process. With an expert technician and the right care you wont have any scarring at all.

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