Laser Tattoo Removal

The RevLite SI by Cynosure is the Gold Standard for Laser Tattoo Removal because it is able to target the various colors in a tattoo using a specific wavelength of light energy. Not all lasers are able to remove the colors in a tattoo, only black and dark blue. It takes a separate wavelength of energy to remove each color set. The RevLite SI has all of the necessary hand pieces to remove all of the colors in a tattoo, except white. No laser can remove white ink.

Tattoo removal takes a series of treatments to remove the ink particles from your body. The laser is used to shatter the ink into particles, then the body can flush them out through the natural process (immune system). Eventually you will not be able to tell where the tattoo was on the skin. This process takes various treatments depending upon a number of factors including lifestyle, water intake, depth of tattoo, quality of ink, etc. Full color tattoos take longer than old fashioned blue, or amateur tattoos, which can come out in just a few treatments.

Laser tattoo removal is also an excellent idea for anyone wanting to get a current tattoo lightened up so that it can be covered up with a new tattoo. If you do not first treat it and get some of the old ink out, the new ink will raise and bulge in the skin making it a 3D tattoo, because the cells can only hold so much ink. Placing more ink in the same spot will make it rise up off the skins surface and be thick, so we recommend having a few sessions to remove the majority of ink before starting a cover-up.

Unlike other laser treatments, which can cause scarring and damage, the RevLite SI penetrates the dermal layers of skin to destroy the underlying pigment of tattoo ink, while not disturbing the surface skin. If you follow the protocols for removal with the RevLite SI you will not have scarring and damage.

Make sure to do your research not every laser is the same.  By not using the right equipment you can experience unnecessary pain, scarring and less than desired results. You can learn more about Eagle Laser Center’s laser here.

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