Sun Damage Fixable by Laser Treatments

Eagle Laser

The temperature is dropping and so are the leaves. Fall is the best time for laser treatments, when it comes to sun damage repair. After being out is the sun all summer without your hat, or sunscreen, you can be left with sun damage to the surface skin on your face, hands neck and decolletee. Actually anywhere on the body can get sun damage from over exposure to the UV rays.

Damage can occur gradually or all of a sudden from a bad burn. The depth of the sun damage can also vary. Some cells can be superficial and other cells can be damaged very deep into the dermal layer of the skin. Working with lasers can help rid you of those pesky brown spots or redness that doesn’t seem to go away during the winter months. Lasers can make the skin slightly more photosensitive so the cooler temperatures help to cool the epidermal layer that the laser is targeting to remove brown spots and sun damage.

Laser treatments target sun damage with a surface wavelength to shatter the pigment (brown spot) left from the suns’ damage thereby allowing your body to flush it out through the immune system. Normally 2-5 treatments are necessary to lighten and remove brown spots, depending upon the depth, color and size of the lesion. Some darker and deeper lesions can take more sessions. If left untreated, sun damage can continue to grow deeper and darker in color with every passing season and can lead to more serious skin conditions.

Deeper pigmented lesions can be classified as Melasma, freckles, Café Au-Lait spots and Port Wine Stains. Port Wine Stains aka nevus flammeus is almost always a birthmark. It is caused by a vascular abnormally (a capillary malformation in the skin). Laser treatments have been successful in treating these pigmented lesions.

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