Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis can be a runners’ worst nightmare. When avid runners continue to increase their running schedules to run marathons or just add more time onto the run, the foot can take the brunt of that new schedule and sometimes break down the fascia in the bottom of the foot located in the arch. The fascia can tear which is very painful and does not allow the runner to continue doing what they love. The ligament and fascia in the bottom of the foot tear from the impact of running. Usually the only remedy for such an injury is surgery, wherein they cut the torn area and sew it back together, and with time (usually months) the ligament and fascia will heal back up. Most people are in a boot or soft cast after surgery and many will never be able to run again like they had before.

This can be devastating for the serious runner. Laser therapy can help to heal the fascia before a tear occurs or after a tear occurs to repair any damage caused by the pressure of running. The laser removes any damaged tissue out of the way and brings in oxygen and blood flow for fast healing. This is very important because there is not a lot of blood flow in the bottom of the foot and therefore can make healing times longer. The laser can speed up the healing process no matter what stage the damage is at.

Time is important for the runner as well. They must train for a specific timeframe to be ready for the run. With an injury it can impair their ability to train and get ready. Laser can keep them on track with their training schedules.

Laser Therapy and Arthritis Pain Management

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Arthritis is an auto-immune disease which starts in the intestinal tract (gut). It is inflammation. Arthritis can be Osteo-Arthritis which is usually contained in a single joint area such as the knee, hand, elbow etc., or Rheumatoid Arthritis which is a body-wide inflammation and affects any part of the body at any time.

Arthritis causes inflammation and inflammation causes the pain that people feel in their joints. Arthritis in hands can make it hard to open jars, grab things with your hands and even do daily chores around the house.

Arthritis can be affected by the weather. When the barometric pressure goes up or down and humidity changes, people can feel it in their swollen joints and it can make the arthritis worse or better depending on the barometric pressure.

Heat can make the joint feel good, but it also causes more swelling in the tissue surrounding the joint. Ice reduces the swelling around the joint in the tissues and when the swelling goes down the pain is lessened.

Laser therapy can reduce swelling and inflammation, which can reduce the pain in the arthritic joints in the body. Try laser today and see how much pain relief you can experience!!