Are There Skin Cancer Risks With Tattoo Removal

Eagle Laser

A concern many clients looking to get laser tattoo removal have if it they are increasing their risk for skin cancer. In short, the answer is no.

The Skin Cancer foundation has said that it poses no known risk for cancer. There have been studies of people with tattoos done for years and years by dermatologists and they have yet to find a higher skin cancer risk in tattooed people versus people without tattoos. In addition, there have been no studies showing higher risk in people with tattoo removal.

If your tattoo is located near a mole you may need to pay special attention for changes and any potential skin cancer risks. Also following the after car treatment advice is of the utmost importance.

After the tattoo removal process your skin is more sensitive to sunlight. If you are in the sun after your removal you will need to be much more careful. Covering your skin is advised and you should wear sunscreen every day. Sunburns and damage do put you at a higher risk for skin cancer and can also cause scarring in the areas you had your tattoo removed from.

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